Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anticipated & Long Awaited

Cannon Rebel XT
f 10.
Natural light
ISO 400

YEAH for Brandi ! & yes, I'm insanely Jealous. However, She will rock it way better than I ever will with any camera! Sincere congrats are in order!
Okay, so one looks at two plain unassuming brown boxes (yesterday's post) and realizes it's not the packages that kicks ass, it's the content. Like little children we can't wait to rip them open and PLAY! It's that Christmas morning frenzy welling up in us.
How do I capture some more of that???
Well, I see it every week day. Three little children/puppies at heart, full of unconditional love and absolute gittiness. Just after the shot below the bounding and rejoicing began. They so patiently wait for the right moment to pounce like a surprise welcome home party.
The huge, bright, flashing, beeping, yellow box on wheels is their "Christmas package" delivered to their doorstep.
I wish I could post the whole series of events for you, But I'm getting spanked, I'm sure, for over posting as it is!


  1. Whoops! Sorry Jay'me, thought it was my day today. Cute story. I used to have dog that would greet me like that off of the school bus. Loved it!

  2. I love that! What a wonderful story!