Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gator Bites

Okay so Brandi's post from yesterday was all about new cool toys. My post is going to be all about new experiences. Things that you have not done before or experienced. So enjoy!

Nikon D90
Aperture F/6.3
Shutter 1/320 sec.
18-200 mm at 150mm
Natural Lighting

I am all about new experiences in life. In fact I get thoroughly bored if I don't get try new experiences in my life. This was one of those experiences. My family and I had taken an airboat tour through the Everglades and this lovely girl (at least our guide said she was a girl) decided to swim on up to us and check us out. Now folks this was not some gator in a zoo or aquarium, this was a real live wild gator. It was AWESOME!!! The adorable older lady who sat in front of us on the airboat thought she was going to jump right in and join us in the boat. Instead she just kind of hung around checking us out. I literally could have reached out and touched her.

Aftewards we all went out to eat and I tried (for the first time mind you) gator bites. They tasted really good, but I felt kind of bad eating them after seeing this beauty out in the wild.

Enjoy your life experiences!



  1. Wow! That is a nice close up of the gator! What an experience too!